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Aug 25. Jasta 1
Ltn Willi Rosenstein.

The last two days were some what frustrating for Willi. Try as he liked he could just not find anybody to test the new Albatros with.
Already the engine pull was well recieved by all who had a quick spin in the machine. She had at least 38+kmh over the Halby. Although most thought the bus a little nose heavy, Willi's time on the Roland compensated this minor detail.

But today was different. It was a magnificent summers day, with light clouds here and there, just the sort weather one wanted when going hunting. But the order of the say was to babysit a Roland for foto work near Agny. Unfortunatly for the Halbs it was a game
of catch up. Both the Roland and the DI shot off for the front. As they neared the front, Willi noticed three dots stand out against the silver/white clouds. 3x N16's.
Willi dove down to the Roland and waved him off, then turned to engage the three Franzmänner. And talk about timing, the rest of Jasta 1 arrived. Halb's started falling like hawks onto the N16's. This time Willi wanted to wait and see what happend.
As as expected, the Neup's rolled and turned, eventually getting the better of the old Halb's.
So down Willi went with his wingman to bail the boys out.
It was pure joy, the Alb was a beast !! The extra power and lift allowed Willi to stay on top and behind the enemy. Not once did Willi ever feel that his opponent was a danger.
And the two Spandau's made quick work of the aircraft that fell into his sights.

The first N16 dived for the lines, which saved him. Willi turned back to help the others. He latched onto the tail of a second enemy and sent him down.
Now Willi dived on the the third, and just in time too, as he was really thumping one if the Halbs. It was a good fight. The Franzman tried his best but the Alby was just too good.
He made a break for the lines, but the Alby caught up quickly, and it was over in seconds.
Three fights, with two very dead enemy.
This time Willi greated the crews at home with a great big smile on his oil soaked face.

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