Keith Cunard Mallory
Sgt, Rfc
29 Sqn, Ablee AF.
3 Kills
Jun 1, 1916.

Morning Escort Mission: 3 a/c + 1 FE2b to Harbourin AF I say old man, Cup of Tea.

Balloon Bust: 5 a/c a Real shambles the flight got the Gas Bag,but the monoplanes showed up and the fight was on. I was last over target and dove to help out a replacement pilot got off 2 strings of 8-10 rds then one dropped on me . Twisted turned and ran nearing the lines I caught some shells in my Motor smoked started puking out the back did some low level Blue Max flying thru tress into our lines. It was then the motor packed up and down I went in a pasture . Losses: Enemy 1 Balloon. 29 Sqn : 2 Destroyed machines + mine forced down with Heavy Damage + 1 Lt Damage.

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