Drogo Dorn
Sept. 6, 1916

Kette Zwei was flying a patrol of friendly territory near Dun-sur-Meuse. The patrol had gone well without any contact until the flight was headed back to Martincourt. Dornhiem pulled up and to the left and Drogo and Mock followed. Dorn strained to see what he knew was the enemy. He soon saw the two big Coudron's above them heading south. He kept his eyes on them and kept climbing. With the French still well above he noticed he was alone. He looked around but could not see his flight. Still well over friendly territory he kept climbing. It took him 10 minutes to come to bear on the Coudrons. He fired his first burst and passed under the beast. He came around and did the same. It took him 5 passes but but finally the Caudron's top wing collapsed and it went down in a field. Looking around Drogo saw an observation balloon and knew where he was. He headed home. Approaching Martincourt he saw his flight landing. Once on the field he jumped out of the Fokker telling Dornhiem he had shot one down. "Well, lets hope someone saw it" Dornhiem replied.

Sept. 8, 1916
Drogo's good mood was gone. Dornhiem was having ear trouble and he would be tasked with Mock to patrol around Verdun. It was all he could do to climb into the cockpit. Once in the air he felt no better. Kette Einz would be behind them. As he and Mock approached Verdun Drogo was looking all around for the Nieuports he knew were there. He looked right and Mock was no where to be seen! "He was just there" thought Drogo. Looking behind him he saw a biplane on his tail. It was not one of his flight! He pulled up and around just in time to make the Nieuport miss. He looked could not see Mock. He headed south for home. Just then Kette Zwie, two machines, passed him going south. Drogo was torn. "Where was Mock. Should I stay and get killed with him or keep heading for safety?" He made one bank to the right and saw Mock below to the south with 2 Nieports. Drogo decided he could not live with himself and dove. He made one pass at the Nieport on Mocks tail and climbed for safety. He saw Mock heading for home and he did the same. As they were crossing the mud he saw 2 more Nieports closing in on Mock below. All three machines were ahead of him so he dove down and came up behind the two Nieuports. "They don't know I'm here!" thought Drogo. As he closed and almost ready to fire, one of the Fokker DII's from the other flight passed over his head and opened up on the trailing Nieuport driving it away. The remaining Nieuport was still on Mock's tail and still unaware of the Fokker behind him. Drogo slowly closed the distance and when 75 yards away he opened fire. The Nieuport immediately pulled up and banked around to the right. To Drogo's horror he was coming around on his tail! Fear gripped him like a vice and he went into a power dive to shake him. He pulled up at tree top level at the edge of the mud on his side of the lines. As he did canvas ripped and he heard something pop but he still had control but the Fokker was sluggish. He looked back and the Nieport was still coming down on him. A field was ahead and Drogo cut the motor and landed way too fast. He bounded across the field but luckily it was smooth and there were no fences or trees. He looked up just as the Nieuport flashed overhead. The machine banked around and the pilot gave a wave and headed south. Drogo waved back, just happy to be alive.

Back at Martincourt, Mock was waiting for him. "You sure saved my life today!" Mock said. Not wanting to tell him he almost ran away he just kind of mumbled "You would have done the same my friend." That night a report came in that the observation balloon observers had seen Drogo bring down the Coudron. His score now stood at two.

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