Harry, that last one was way too funny!

Wulfe, I hope Fullard stays safe in Paris. Great story!

Fullofit, another close one! Stay frosty.

Carrick, congratulations on ace status.

Drogo Dorn
Jasta 7, Martincourt

Sept 14, 1916
After the disaster of a mission on the 9th the Jasta stood down for replacements. The only 3 pilots left flew one friendly territory mission on Dornhiem’s orders just to stay sharp. He spent the rest of the time trying to find out when they would get some new machines to replace the out dated Fokker’s most were still flying. Mock and Drago spent the 3 days making their quarters more comfortable and doing calisthenics to keep sharp.
In the afternoon, Mayer returned to duty and Leutnant Franz Jesckonneck transfered in. He would be in Kette Zwei with Dorn and Mock At dinner in the evening while getting to know the new man they learned he had one combat flight to his credit. Dorn Thought to himself “oh my Lord” before realizing he had only been in combat 2 weeks. It seemed a life time. Tomorrow they would be back in the air.

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