Nice stories this morning. Good to see everyone is still kicking.

Mr. Gilland did not last long. On a mission to attack a Hun Aerodrome with Dallas, he did everything wrong. Dallas caught some Archie damage just as they crossed into enemy territory and turned back. Instead of returning himself the brash young gent soldiered on. That was mistake #1. Then he realized he had been letting Dallas lead the way and not paying attention so he was a bit turned around. Mistake #2. Jumped by 2 Fokker’s he sent one to the ground then continued to figure out where he was. Spotting a Hun airfield he decided to let his rockets go and head home. Jumped by 2 more Fokker’s he fought them off and headed home. In the wrong direction! That was mistake #3. Finally getting his directions he headed west when he noticed someone was following. Crossing his lines, one of his pursuers broke off but one doggedly kept coming. Mr. Gilland now had the wind up and turned to engage tasting another victory. Mistake #4. In the dogfight that ensued he over controlled and snapped a wing off the Nieuport and smashed into a thousand pieces into the mud of No Man’s Land.

Sign me up for another round Raine!

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