Lou, I don’t think the Huns can tell one Strutter from the next and attack them all. Sometimes it works to their advantage. I’m pretty sure the Huns in your area recognize Swany’s machine only too late.
Looks like Swany is taking it easy, with the Germans on some sort of holiday. Great shots.

Lederhosen, what gives? Is Herr Fokker meddling again, convincing Idflieg his machines are better? Doesn’t seem to stop Willi, though. Congrats on another kill. Hope it is confirmed.

Wulfe, that was a great story. I enjoy the battle descriptions and was disappointed the piano mission was cancelled. Or is it postponed? I just hope that when they finally get to go, they don’t come back with something else, like a lion or two.

MFair, looking forward to it!

27 August, 1916 14:05 afternoon mission
Luxeuil, Alsace Sector
3 Wing RNAS
FL Tobias Chester Mulberry
10 confirmed kills

Mulberry continued to check on his wingman. Colburn was new and danced around to keep in formation. He will learn. Toby reminded himself how he struggled to stay in formation not too long ago. They were flying over the Vosges Mountains and the gusts of wind were gently tossing them up and down. They were sent all this way east to spot for artillery over the front lines, just past Belfort. As they cleared the mountain range Mulberry noticed bursts of anti-aircraft fire in the distance to port. Two Fokkers were being harassed and for once he was glad it wasn’t them getting the treatment. But they weren’t alone. A lone Aviatik was leading the way some distance in front and receiving his own fair share of Flak. The two Eindeckers were coming closer and felt threatened by the two Strutters. The attack commenced and both Entente machines responded by turning into the assailants. Toby could see Colburn’s gunner already firing on the Fokkers. Alford simply sat in the back enjoying the views. Mulberry finally found one of the Fokkers in front of him and zeroed in on him when all of a sudden the other Eindecker dove right in front and he quickly fired his Vickers, but didn’t think any of the rounds connected with the diving monoplane. He continued after the initial Hun. They’d made a few turns, one following the other, but Toby had to disengage because the Fokker that earlier dove in front of him was now following him and Alford continued to be of no use. His face was petrified with fear and he simply held on to his Lewis as if it were a shield. Toby pulled up and lost the monoplane somewhere below. He reengaged and fired on his foe who suddenly slowed down and was getting close to the Strutter. Toby pulled up again to avoid collision and nearly stalled. The Fokker was just in front but accelerating out of range quickly. Mulberry continued to fire but it didn’t look like he was doing any damage. He followed him for a short while and was furious at his useless, coward of a gunner. He was furious with himself for letting the Hun get away. He was tiered. Suddenly something happened to the Fokker in front. The engine stopped and the propeller started to windmill and then stop completely. Mulberry was catching up and now preparing to finish the Hun off. He heard Alford wake up and fire his gun. Why bother now? Toby took aim and fired. The Boche spun immediately and continued to do so until he hit the ground. Mulberry could see an aerodrome nearby. He was sure they have seen it all. He turned back and headed for home. After landing he got out of the plane and pulled Alford to the ground as he was disembarking.
“- What the hell do you think you are doing up there? I don’t chauffeur you around so that you can do some sightseeing.” Mulberry exploded. He couldn’t stand the man anymore.
“- What’s the big idea? What are you doing?” Alford was dumbstruck. He had no idea what’s gotten into the pilot and what was his problem.
“- You’ve nearly killed us again. Stop hiding behind the gun. Use it!” With that Mulberry walked away leaving confused Alford on the ground with the mechanics looking on.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."