Harry, I’m not sure if Konrad should be sad or happy for his fallen comrade. On one hand he despised the man, on the other ... nah, definitely happy. Congrats on getting rid of Strunze. Don’t worry about the engine fire. It was probably a case of too much lead in petrol.

1 August, 1916 05:20 morning mission
Proville, Flanders Sector
Kasta 17
Feldwebel Otto B von Kenobi
2 confirmed victories

Karl-Albert Gunther and Obi von Kenobi were walking in their flight gear to their plane for their first mission of the day. Leutnant Thiede stepped in front of them.
“- Gunther, you’re with me.” Thiede jerked his thumb pointing at his plane. Obi and Karl-Albert both looked at each other in puzzlement. Gunther pursed his lower lip and shrugged his shoulders in a universal response. “- I don’t know.” They all approached their machines. Another figure was already waiting. Thiede stopped and introduced the new man.
“- This is Walter Kolb. From now on he will be flying with you, von Kenobi. Show him the ropes.” Obi could detect a smirk on Thiede’s face. “- Verdammt! Why me?” Obi was not happy. Walter extended his hand to shake von Kenobi’s. “- I’m Walter. Pleased to meet you.”
“- Kolb, huh? How many hours on Rolands?” Otto was all business.
“- Erm, none. I’m fresh out of flight school.”
“-Scheiße! Das Rauhbein. That’s perfect. Just perfect!” His day was about to get interesting. “- C’mon let’s go. You sit in the back.”
They were going to bomb enemy factory near Arras, but first they needed to rendezvous with the Eindecker from KEK 1, which would escort them over the lines. The engine was running smoothly. Otto checked all control surfaces. There were no problems. He looked to his left. Thiede’s machine was starting to roll. Von Kenobi opened the throttle fully, the exhaust fumes were blasting right into his face. His Roland lurched and started to trundle down the airfield. They were airborne. Their leader was ahead and further ahead three dots emerged from a grey cloud above.
“- Didn’t we just leave this party?” Obi knew these were Nieuports, even though his first reaction was to dismiss them as Aviatiks. They were still very low over the airfield when the French leader made a dive on them. Then the two wingmen followed. The leader flew overhead while the wingmen went straight for Thiede. One of them misjudged and harpooned into the ground.
“- Well now, that’s more like it! The odds are even now.” Otto watched the Nieuport following Thiede, while Walter opened up on the one behind them. Von Kenobi had the Frenchman in his sights and fired. It must have been a shock for him and he immediately disengaged. Now Thiede flew close to the Nieuport following Obi and Gunther was in position to fire on him as well. Obi continued to evade, but the French scout had him pinned. Bullet holes appeared beside Obi and he dove close to the ground. He saw the aerodrome in front and went straight for it. Walter continued to fire but missing completely. Finally the airfield defences scared off the Nieuport. Obi could now concentrate on landing his crippled Walfisch. This was another disaster. Their planes were shot to pieces. The mechanics will have to work through the night to get them airworthy again for tomorrow’s show.

"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."