2nd Lt Percival Adrian "Drongo" Drummond

News Report (Special Bulletin), South Burnett Times. 21st November, 1914

Hot, humid spring weather may have played a part in a shooting outrage which took place late the other day in Murgon shire. It's reported that an employee of the local bank flipped over his desk and brandished a Colt revolver at several employees and customers while delivering an incoherent tirade on the virtues, or lack thereof, of the modern banking system before discharging all six rounds from his pistol into the bank's clock. The miscreant then bolted out of the door before the gunsmoke cleared and stole a horse that was left saddled and tied to the hitching post of a nearby saloon. Witnesses say he was last seen heading in the direction of Brisbane, local troopers have been dispatched to the area to search for the man, in his thirties, who has been identified as Percival Drummond of 14, Shearers Lane. The town is stunned by his sudden outbursts, Drummond was, by all accounts, a peaceful man who enjoyed cricket, gardening and attending dances at the local town hall. We at the South Burnett Times wonder if "rag" or "ragtime" and its' corrosive effect on the morals and virtues of young men and women may have played a part fomenting a state of mind that resulted in in this young man's escapade.

Fortunately nobody was injured in this scandalous affair and it is expected that a recalcitrant Drummond will stand before the local magistrate to answer for his offenses any day now.

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(A picture of the Q.N.Bank in Murgon Shire Circa 1914)

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