Fw Drogo Dorn
Oct. 5, 1916

The corporal shook Drogo from his sleep. “Your wanted immediately At the Kommandant’s office.” Drogo pulled himself from the bed and dressed as quick as he could. It was raining outside with high winds. “What could he want? Surely we are not going to fly.”

When Drogo entered the office, Goering was there. “This is a special mission” the Kommandant said. “This balloon southeast of Verdun has to come down. “Dorn, you will take one of the D III’s. Any questions?”

The two took off in a light rain with heavy wind. Drogo had wanted an upgrade in a machine but wished better weather for it. They made no contact on the way to the balloon, not that any was expected. Only a fool would fly in this soup. As they approached the balloon Goering gave the signal to attack. Goering missed on his pass but Drogo, now with 2 guns made short work of the bag. He pulled up and followed Goering back up into the clouds. Over the lines Drogo lost sight of Goering. Soon, Spincourt was visible in the haze and he circled once before final approach. As he was coming in, blipping the engine, he heard something strange and looked to the right. He was shocked to see French roundals on a strange craft zooming past just below him. He had a perfect chance to fall in behind but was so surprised he missed it. Pulling up at full power he saw Goering flash past in pursuit. The new French machine could climb! The Frenchman made to head home but Goering followed so Drogo followed. “Surely one of us can get him” he thought. Then the Frenchman about 1000’ above, banked around. Drogo watched the Frenchman and Goering. He was climbing as fast as he could. All of a sudden the Frenchman winged over and came straight down at Drogo. Bullets smashed into the cockpit shattering the instruments and Drogo felt as if a sledge hammer had hit his leg. He went straight for Spincourt below. He was not in pain but he knew he was in serious trouble. Blipping his engine as the machine touched down he could feel his brain slipping into a void. He was vaguely aware of being pulled from the machine then all went blank.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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