Fullofit - here's hoping the balloon and the eindecker get confirmed! No pressure, but - if they do...do you know what that means? Gaston Voscadeaux becomes l'As des As!!At the moment, he's tied for the top spot with the two infamous Bosches, Boelcke & Immelmann...I imagine by now he must be the face of French aviation. The Fullard brothers certainly think so wink

Lou - same goes for Swany. To be competitive for the top spot, in a Morane of all things, is an amazing feat. Also, what a brilliantly-written character Dirks is...it's rare that I immediately really enjoy a character, but Archie Dirks is great. I only wish he would become Swany's chief Ack-emma so that I could continue to hear about his hilarious antics.

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