Keith Cunard Mallory
LT, Rfc
29 Sqn, Ablee AF.
5 Kills

Sep 13, 1916.

Morning Parade : Awarded the Military Cross and was told to have a go as B Flight Commander. Additionally, The powers at Army HQ confirmed my 5th Kill.

Sep 14, 1918.

Posted a dawn Airfield attack, My flight of 4 + 2 Rovers of A Flight took off in the pre-dawn darkness. Hit t he field and avoided a enemy flight going in. I got off 3 strings of 9 or 10 rds then jammed. I cleared the jam put in a fresh drum and made a second run. 1 string of 6-9 shots then Jam. I took the hint and went high as the chaps completed their attacks then RTB

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