20 Juni 1916, Proville, Kasta 14

A time for celebration one would think. This morning the ground crews shot down and killed 3 French Pilots and their N16's as they, for some reason, attacked the airfield. To their credit though, they in turn, downed and killed one Roland and its crew while taking off. What were their names again? Who know's, they only arrived a few days ago. Ltn Brin, Brink, Brinkmann??
And Willi, the darling of the Kasta got his 16th today too. A Be2c, one of those defenceless ones that Tommy still flys. Should of been two, but forward observation didn't play “cricket” as Tommy would say. Still, a good day for the Kasta.

The service for the fallen Komrades was as solumn as always. Seems Gott is on the side with the better aircraft. Afterwards the boys were dismissed. The Kasino being the obvious place to meet as always. But this evening was different, for Willi sat alone in a darkend corner of the mess, with today's events still churning through his young mind. Not that Willi doubted the Kaiser or his Krieg. But something didn't seem …. normal.

In the space of few minutes five young men ceased to exist, and for what? Why had those fools dived directly over the airfield? Surely they knew that ground MG fire would be intense, or deadly as it turned out. Did they win anything? A Roland perhaps. No!! Turns out, after inspection, that our own ground crews shot down our Roland and Herr Brinkmann. Willi laughs to himself.

The mission, haa, that was still on and Willi carried out the orders for the day. Bomb Tommy, again.
Jawohl Herr Kaiser!! 4 bombs dropped from 2700m. Did we hit anyone? Doubt it. Yes Willi sent another Tommy to his grave, but not because he wanted to, No.
There had been another Be2. Willi noticed him shortly after the bomb drop. Quite low almost invisable. The Tommy wanted to cross the lines, but turned back. Had he seen the Roland at 2700m? Did he “Chicken” out? Or had he too seen enough of this madness, the pointless sacrifice day after day. Or perhaps he too was #%&*$# his pants and wanted to live just one more day longer. Either way, Willi decided to let him live.

Another two Be2c's arrived in the area a little later. Willi watched them approach hoping that they also would turn for home. The “Whale Shark” had been known to cause such a thing. But these two were made of sterner metal, no they were determined to go over the top for King and Country. To bad he's willing to pay the funeral costs. With disgust, Willi reduced throttle, and fell in between the two. His observer quickly unloading on the rear aircraft and Willi firing on the forward one. The fight was over in less than ten seconds. Idiots.

The rear most Be2 cleared the lines but went in, and Willis' target fell close to friendly lines. Later he learned that both crew members were also dead. So all in all a good day for the Grimreaper and Kasta 14. Seven dead, seven beers and one hell of a hangover next day.

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