Fullofit, cliffhanger after cliffhanger! Good stuff. I thought you were going to get pissed on for a minute there.
Scout, the Huns have seemed to stay down for me also.
Carrick, tough luck on that one. A front gun would be nice.
Lou, I will take that compliment any day. Thank you Sir!

Lt. Mark Jericho
Bruay Aerodrome

The mess was a little quiet tonight. No particular reason other than the missions had been uneventful for the past few except for Jim’s confirmed Hun. Swany was not saying anything and Jim was not much for conversation either as he was still a little hungover from the big party last night. Jericho was eyeing the piece of meat on the end of his fork. “I swear this horse flesh” he said to no one in particular.

Christian, Jericho’s observer sitting across the table, asked “What do you think is up with the Huns? No one is seeing them.” Jericho put his fork down with a loud clank and looked at Christian. In a very loud voice which got everyone’s attention asked him, “you didn’t hear?”
“Hear what?” Christian asked puzzled.
“About the letter the Keizer sent to all the Hun Pilots! Don’t you read Hoss?” Jericho asked. Now everyone at the table was listening to the two Lieutenants.
“I say Jericho, what are you talking about!?” Christian replied, getting a little annoyed.
Jericho rolled his eyes and leaned forward. “The letter that told them not to attack Morane’s for any reason!”
Christian, with the rest of the pilots sitting at the table, looked at Jericho. “Your daft old boy!” Christian said taking a drink.
Jericho continued, “It’s true!” Jericho stood up and stood behind Swany and put a hand on each of his shoulders then continued “The Keizer sent out a letter saying there is a Morane pilot from America that is blood kin to Oden and he knocks down Eindeckers by shooting lighting bolts out his arse!”
The mess went berserk! The laughter could be heard at the front! Someone shouted over the laughter, “tell us Swany, do ye stand up in the cockpit and drop your breeches or do ye just let fly?!” This brought the mess to a new level of laughter at Swany’s expense with all manner of lewd questions concerning his secret weapon.
No one even noticed Jericho had made his way to the door. One look back at his hut mate and he laughed all the way to his bunk at what he had done.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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