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Lt. Mark Jericho
Auchell Aerodrome
Jan. 23, 1916

All flights are cancelled. Jericho, James and Swany took transport to Bethune to have a good time. Swany and James were still ribbing Jericho for having to go around three times the night before until he could safely bring the Morane to ground in one piece.

“I thought you were the best pilot in the squad Jericho!” Jeames said with a grin.

“Ya, you had us all wondering if you were shook up.” Swany added

“Dang right I was shook up” Jericho replied. “Between the rain, snow, and it being dark I was a bit disoriented. To high the first time, two low the second time. So I just split the difference.”

“Just having a laugh mate,” James chimed in. “We are just glad you got her down in one piece!” he said as he slapped Jericho on the shoulder.

After a nice dinner with desert the the trio left to see some other sights. Walking in front of them was a French officer talking in stride with a women The conversation between the two was obviously getting heated when the officer stopped and lightly backhanded the young women.

Before James or Swany knew it, Jericho had spun the officer around and decked him with one punch. In an instant he was on the man making a mess of him. Swany grabbed Jericho in a bear hug and pulled him off of the officer. Swany was shouting for Jericho to calm down, using all his strength to hold him at bay. Truth be known Swany was the only one strong enough to hold the out of control man.

Jericho finally can to his senses and relaxed, holding his bloody palms out from under Swan’s arms in surrender. “Let me go Swany. I’m finished.” he said.

“We have to get out of here now!” James said. He slipped the women some money and ushered her away putting his finger to his lips in the universal language of “not a word.”

As they made their way back to Auchell in silence, James turned to Jericho and asked, “What in god’s name got in to you Jericho!?”

Jericho did not look up, “there was no need to treat a lady that way.” he replied.

“You do know that lady as you call her was most likely a prostitute don’t you” James asked.

Jericho looked up at James, “I don’t give a tinkers d#*n if she was the devils daughter. No one is going strike a lady and get away with it.” He then turned to Swany, “ Thanks for stopping me Pard. I would have been in some real trouble otherwise.”

They split up with James back at Auchell with Swany and Jericho making their way to their hut. “Thanks again Pard” Jericho said to Swany. “I owe you one.”

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