Nigel Archibald Notting
Sgt, RFC
4 Sqn Rfc.
Allonville, Flanders
Flight Time: 22.25 hrs

Mar 1 1916

Recon: No e/a contact.

Mar 2, 1916. B0mbardment Enemy AF. 3 a/c with 25 lb bombs.

The flight was in a loose V formation on the bombing run . I spotted 3 Monoplanes Taking off 3,000 ft below Then we dropped I broke left and nosed down for home. My other 2 a/c broke right and ran into a 3 e/a flight that we had not seen. Those two a/c never came back. I had a e/a climb up on tail as i ran for home and my Ob got off a string of 303 rds. Some must have hit because the e/a did a 180 and went home. The Sqn lost 2 BE 2's that day.

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