Fullofit, I have to think Toby found the dressing down worth it just for the satisfaction of clocking Alford. Plus he’s now rid of the sod and has a new rank to boot.

Wulfe, quite the secret mission Fullard and the rest of his crew pulled off, and most successful from the sounds of it.

MFair, glad to have you back. If Drogo’s start is any indication he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Harry, another week for Lazlo, eh? That must have been a big break.

British HQ needs to know which of its current RFC and RNAS pilots have been injured in combat as they are finally sending out the new brass wound stripes that were approved and instituted back in July. So please submit your pilot’s name and when he was injured and how long he was grounded because of it. Thanks.