Scout, great video! That was some dandy flying to get out of a close call. Happy to hear it was just a slight wound.

Lt. Mark Jericho
Auchell Aerodrome
January 25, 1916

It was a clear beautiful day. Jericho, along with Chambers and Dickens had the morning show to drop a few eggs on Vimy Junction. Jericho was sure the Huns would be afoot also as the weather had prevented any flying the last two days. He was correct. After dropping the eggs and almost back across the lines Wharton opened up which startled Jericho. Looking back he knew what to do and made a climbing turn to right. As he did Wharton got a good burst on the Hun and he decided to take his leave. Dickens’s observer got off a few rounds at him also. Coming in to Auchell Jericho could see a Morane among the tents at the army base near the field. “That’s not good” he thought.

Back at the field the trio was given a “good show” as the report was we damaged the railway. They also learned the pilot and observer who came down at the army base were ok.

The mess was all abuzz as the news of Swany’s second confirmed victory was announced. “Well aren’t you the biggest toad in the pond!” Jericho said to Swany as he sat down next to him. Jericho felt good. He was among good people and the major had backed over the incident at Bethune even thoug he was guilty. Jericho respected the major before but now he had a whole new respect for him. All he had to do now was figure out how was going to pay James and Swany back for the hour of drinking in the mess. After all, it was his doing.

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