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Drogo Dorn
Jasta 7
Sept. 15, 1916

Kette Zwei was up at sunrise to take down a balloon northeast of Verdun. It was a beautiful day and the sunrise almost made Drogo forget there was a war on. The Archie crossing the lines brought him back to reality. As they approached the balloon, Mock dove first, then
Dornhiem and Drogo. Jesckonnek on his first mission with Jasta 7 was ordered to stay high and observe. Drogo noticed Mock had the sausage smoking as he pulled up. He and Dornhiem opened up together but Dornhiem’s rounds were wide. Drogo’s tracers went straight into the balloon and it exploded lighting up the sunrise. Dorn pulled up and joined Mock. He noticed he was heading west and Dorn was having none of it. He turned north and joined the other 2 members of his flight. There was no contact and they landed in time for breakfast. Dornhiem congratulated Drogo on his shooting.

The three fliers were having breakfast as Mock walked in and sat down. “Where did you go?” Drogo asked. Mock said he wanted to see if the French were up for a fight so he skirted the 3 airfield west of Verdun before returning. “That kind of behavior will get you killed my friend” Drogo replied shaking his head.

Unterofficier Hummel transfered in after noon. They were now official up to full strength with 6 pilots. Drog’s balloon was quickly confirmed. His total now stood at 4.

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