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Lt. Mark Jericho
Lahoussoy Aerodrome
April 25, 1916

Jericho had not been in a cheery mood lately. The gloomy weather had not helped. Swany was gone and 4 days ago his long time gunner/observer, Christian, had been reassigned to Capt. Griffen, leader of C Flight. It had hit them both hard, but it was futile to complain. They had shaken hands and bid each other good luck. Only those who know the brotherhood of combat knew what the handshake meant. Jericho was worried about Christians safety. Griffen had lost 2 observers in the same number of weeks. His new observer was a Captain Barrus, an Irishman with plenty of experience. He seemed a good sort but time will tell.

Today was their 1st flight together, a recon mission northeast of Cappy. The weather was not bad. Partly cloudy with good visability. As they started their second round over the area 2 Fokkers dove in from behind. As Jericho had told Barrus, he turned into them. One flew passed to engage Griffen but the other dove away. Jericho immediately turned to engage the Fokker going after Griffen. As they were approaching it Jericho heard Barrus open up with his gun. "Griffen will have to deal with him on his own" he thought as he turned slightly to give Barrus a better shot. Jericho and the Fokker made two circles trying to get advantage with Barrus getting in a shot when he could. Turning his head to see where his enemy was Jericho could not believe his eyes! The Fokker was starting to smoke but was not breaking away. The Hun Pilot soon realized that his engine was damaged and turned for home but it was too late. His prop had stopped!

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Jericho followed the dead Eindecker down until he crossed the lines and crash landed behind the German trenches. Barrus banged on the side of the fuselage giving Jericho the thumbs up. It will have been a good day if Griffen and Christian had escaped the first Hun. As they approached the aerodrome Jericho saw Griffens machine circling to land and he breathed a sigh of relief. There was backslapping all around as they had also knocked their Eindecker down on our side of the lines.

The afternoon show was an Arty spotting mission which went without a hitch. Upon landing Jericho and Barrus were summoned to the Major's office. "What have you done now Lt?" Barrus asked Jericho. Jericho replied "Not one thing Capt. But that don't mean we are not in for an ass chewing. I'm the Major's pet don't you know."

As they entered the Majors office with a salute the Major told them "Congratulations. It seems our troops in the trenches saw your fight this morning and confirmed your Eindecker."

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