Aleck A. MacKinlay
February 8, 1916

All flights cancelled this morning due to steady snowfall. I tried to interest a few of the other pilots in a trip to Poperinge as I have never been. I got no interest from anyone. Apparently the town has only two decent restaurants and that the entire place is typically overflowing with PBI on rest leave from the nearby front around Ypres. Besides the snow is expected to continue like this all day and perhaps into tomorrow so roads will be a disaster in short order even if we could scrounge an automobile.

Several of us had a long leisurely lunch in the mess and I tried to get some news about our mysterious Mr. Davis. Both Hunt and Miller indicated that our Mr. Davis was so-far spending the day in Hanger One with the chief mechanic and Captain Buckminster, occasionally beating a path through the snow back and forth to the metal fabrication shop. Hanger One is where the squadron's two Bristol Scouts are stored so it seems there must be some connection with those aircraft. I've been told the stories of Hawker and Strange brainstorming inventive ideas with regards to a forward firing machine gun on the Bristols here at RNAS-6 last year so i wonder if he is here to examine their handiwork for the higher-ups? If so, he seems to have taken his time getting here.