Fullofit, Gaston is carving out a name for himself, eh? Two victories in one day, a bump to Sous Lieutenant, and an ace! Well done, and super videos as well.

MFair, a wonderful telling of Jericho's move to the new aerodrome. Touching stuff with the French family.

Scout, congrats on Aleck's transfer to No.29 Squadron. He should do very well there, me thinks.

Carrick, those 2-seaters are deadly opponents. Glad to see that Emile made it back in one piece, despite the rough landing.

Raine, superb episode, I really enjoyed the intertwined bit of backstory on Jericho and James. And a great job of describing the layout of our new digs.

Wulfe, I am so envious of your man's posting to No.24 Squadron. And Graham and Swany are now neighbors! This should make for even more fun back-and-forth of our respective stories. An excellent write-up as always, and that old image of the zep in the searchlights is haunting.


At Raine's request:

2nd Lt. Randolph Arvid Swanson MC
3 Squadron, R.F.C.
Bertangles West, France
10 confirmed victories
72 hours 54 minutes combat flying time, (97h 19m total flying time)