Here's the current situation of Julius:

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Unfortunately I'm not exactly enjoying WOFF right now. The reason is quite simple: everybody at Bertincourt is flying the Fokker E.IV, except Julius, who is stuck with the older E.III! This makes it almost impossible to keep up with the other planes, since they don't usually wait for the slowest machine, and the E.IV is considerably faster than the E.III. The ridiculous thing is that there are unused E.IV's kept in reserve at Bertincourt, while Julius is still forced to fly the crappy E.III. The only way to get access to the E.IV would be to get promoted to a higher rank.

So currently I'm just trying to survive as the runt of the squadron, while hoping for a promotion.

But now for the enjoyable part: reading all your reports while I enjoy a cup or two of hot coffee! reading

"Upon my word I've had as much excitement on a car as in the air, especially since the R.F.C. have had women drivers."

James McCudden, Five Years in the Royal Flying Corps