Wulfe, I love those sunrise, (and sunset), shots. And Graham is not alone in his envy of the Nieuports. Oh to be flitting about in one of those, eh?

And speaking of that: Fullofit, good to see that Gaston is back in his Violette, (snigger snigger). Too bad the boys couldn't match the paint, but that is a tricky color to get just right, and there is a war on after all. He stirred up a hornet's nest at that railyard. And two more Eindeckers down, here's hoping your man gets credit for them both.

Raine, great background on No.3's new digs and attachment to the 4th Brigade. I am always amazed at how little some places change over a century, and Lahoussoye is certainly one such place. Now then, about all these sorties we're suddenly being tasked to fly in the dark - what do you suppose the Brass Hats are up to with that?

Carrick, I do believe Emile needs to look at having his gun sight adjusted. Either that or he needs to stop using bent bullets.

Wonderful reading as always Gents, thanks!