Fullofit, that was some flying Sir! A nail biter for sure!

Lt. James Cameron
6 victories
Aug. 25, 1916

James was on top of the world. His two seater from the day before was confirmed. He had been promoted to Lieutenant and was flying a brand new Strutter with a very experienced gunner. Approaching the lines for an Arty spotting mission cover flight of Pups dove on 4 monoplanes that we’re trying to disrupt the party. For a moment, James wished he was in his Nieuport so he could join in. James and Keeble, flying the other Strutter continued on the spotting mission. One monoplane climbed up to them but James and his gunner made him think otherwise and he headed east. They started their spotting mission and James could see the fight breaking up to the west. Then 2 more monoplanes flashed below them. James circled waiting for the right time and dove on the trailing Fokker. He pulled in behind it and started firing. Pieces were coming off the Fokker and it sat up on its tail. James tried to avoid the collision but heard and felt a sickening crunch. He was still airborne and had control. He turned the machine west and at the same time bullets smacked into the Strutter. He put the stick down and dove. More bullets hit the machine and he felt a hammer blow to his shoulder. He skidded right and left but this Hun was intent on revenge for his friend they had just knocked out of the air. The mud was coming up fast and James pulled the Strutter level with bullets still hitting the Strutter and both occupants. The came to rest just in front of the trenches and passed out.

The infantry pulled James and his observer from the wreckage. A medic examined James and shook his head. His observer died a short time later.

Ok Gents. I was just getting my footing with James. This pisses my off. You all keep up the good fight, I’ll be back.

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