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Lt. Mark A. Jericho
Lahoussoye Aerodrome
126 Missions
150 Hours
2 Confirmed kills
7 Claims

C flight had just returned from bombing Athies Junction and made out their reports. Lt. Griffen asked if he could have a word with the Major who nodded in the affirmative and dismissed Jericho and Richards. Once the door was shut Lt. Griffen looked at the Major and began. "Major, may I speak frankly Sir?"
The Major replied, "Of course Lt. What is on your mind." Lt. Griffen shuffled a bit and straightened up. "I don't know what you have against Lt. Jericho Sir but"....The Major held up his hand and stopped Griffen in mid sentence. "I have nothing against the man Lt. Not that it's any of your concern but Jericho makes it hard on himself. Is that clear Lt.?"

"Yes Sir Major!" Griffen replied, "May I continue Sir". The Major nodded yes.

"Griffen cleared his throat. "I don't know what Lt. Jericho has in his report but as we were approaching the target we spotted 3 Eindekers coming down on us from behind. I signaled Lt. Jericho and he made it clear to ignore them and stay on the bombing run. It was a full 2 minutes we flew straight and dropped our eggs while the Huns were bearing down on us. As soon as we dropped we were in a go around with Huns. Jericho had one on his tail and we had two. Lt. Jericho kept breaking off from his Hun to scatter the two on my tail. It did not take them long to break off and head home. I realize the man's manners are not what we are used to and his language sometimes would make a Sgt. Major blush but he is one of the bravest men I have flown with Sir."

The Major sat back in his chair and eyed Griffen. "Duly noted Lt." The Major paused a bit. "Is that all?" Lt. Griffen said "Yes Sir!" Saluted and walked out of the office.

May 31st. 1916
Jericho was in high spirits. His friend James had returned from England. Some in the squadron had been grumbling about "people in high places" when he went back to England. Jericho would tell them right off. "You need to stop your blabbin' about s#@@t you don't know nothin' about. I ain't got no more idea than you about why he was sent home but I can tell you straight up, It was none of his doin." No one would dispute Jericho on his feelings for Jim. Jericho knew the ones who grumbled the loudest would have been the first to pack their bags given the chance. Jim had brought news that Jericho's mother knew of his whereabouts now which put him at ease. He knew it was hard for a mother to go 4 years without any information on her only son. At least now if he were to "go west" she would know.

The first mission today was bombing Athies again. They had 3 escorts on this mission and when 2 Eindeckers showed up the Frenchies took care of them with ease. The mission went off without a hitch. Their second mission. was to bomb the front lines southeast of Cappy. It was a beautiful afternoon and they were not even bothered by Archie. All the way back to Lahoussoye all Jericho could think about was Camille. "If I can get through this war alive I'm going to make her a proper woman" he thought.

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