Drogo Dorn
Sept. 18, 1916

Drogo was felling pretty good today. He had received a medal yesterday after the successful balloon busting mission. Dornhiem got the sausage. Today they were to patrol friendly territory south of Martincourt. The prospects of a beautiful day and an easy mission had him smiling. The three machines of Kette Zwei had just reached 3000 meters when all hell broke loose! Three Nieuports dove on them. The flight scattered to the 4 winds in short order. Drogo was in a loosing battle with one in his E IV when the Nieuport dove out of the flight. Drogo saw his chance and dove after it. He fired off one burst but pulling up he realized he had damaged his machine in the dive. He was barely able to put the machine level. He saw Stenay airfield ahead and made for it. To his horror the Nieuport had reengaged and gave his machine a burst which put several holes in it. Drogo weaved as much as he dared and each time he heard bullets hitting his machine. When he finally touched ground and came to a stop he was shaking uncontrollably. The Nieuport flashed overhead and was gone. Once he got his nerves he made the short hop back to Martincourt just in time to see Hummel, Jasta 7’s new green replacement being helped from the cockpit. He wasn’t hit. Just so shook up by his first combat that his legs had gone to jelly.

In the afternoon Drogo and Mock were called to Dornhiem’s office as he was active Kommandant. “I will be transferring out tomorrow. It has been an honor to have served with you both.” Mock and Drogo were in shock and before either could speak Dornhiem spoke again. “These will be my last orders. You two will take your old machines to the depot at Gent and pick up your new D II’s. Be back day after tomorrow. That should give you plenty of time. Dismissed.”

The two flyers saluted and left. Once outside they were jumping with joy. New machines!

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