Aleck A. MacKinlay
RFC-29, Abeele

March 5, 1916: My young brash wingman James Edith returned to the squadron yesterday, recovered from his leg injury was nothing to show for it on a slight limp. We went on an easy patrol behind friendly lines and reacquainted him with the operation of his DH2. No enemy contact.

Today's mission was a bit of insanity. The Major sent James and I to attack Loos junction railroad station. The target was heavily defended and machine gun fire was intense. After hearing the bullets hit my engine I ran for home. James followed on his own and we both arrived safely back at Abeele. Our top cover was not so lucky. Both Berkeley and Gillingham did not return. It was Gillingham's first mission; he only had 1 hour of flight time. What a waste to send such a rookie over the lines so soon.

March 11, 1916: The better part of a week was washed out with rain. Unbelievably, as soon as the skies cleared we were sent back to Loos Junction! Apparently lessons are hard learned by command. I shot up a locomotive and we all returned safely, after dodging a veritable hail of tracers from the ground batteries.

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