My, my, my! To say I am jealous of all the scout pilots would be an understatement. Congratulations to all. I am trying to live with a double ace flying a Morane! It's a good thing Swany does not have an ego.

2nd Lt. Mark Jericho
Bertangles West
April 2, 1916

After arriving at their new home by horse 2 days ago things had been a real circus getting things in order. The ride with Christian had done both Jericho and him both a lot of good. They had not spent much time together outside of missions. Both had come a bit closer to each other. As their lives depended on one another it was about time they got to know the personal side of the person they were fighting with.

Before today's mission before daylight, Jericho found Jim up in the mess. He handed him a rolled parcel. "Here it is Amigo. To Mrs. Deemer Cameron, Tupelo Mississippi. Jim looked at Jericho. "Cameron?" he asked puzzled. Jericho shook his head. "Well hell yes Amigo. What kind of dullard to you think I am to use my real name?!" Jim looked at the parcel and then back at Jericho. "So, your Mark Cameron then?" he asked. "In the flesh" Jericho replied. "But that's just between me, you and Moon" he added. Jim nodded in agreement and said, "I'll take care of it." Jericho extended his hand which Jim took. "Your a true friend Pard. Not many a man can say they have one" he said. Jim nodded and smiled.
At 6am Jericho and Christian were off for an arty spotting mission southwest of Monchy. Jericho was leading himself and Dickens. They were to have to Bristol Scouts as escorts. It was a beautiful day, if a bit cloudy.At least the sun was out and it was a like a tonic. Everyone was in good spirits. When Christian again mentioned the lack of Fokker sightings, Jericho said "One extreme follows another my man, so you better pull up your cinch another notch because when it turns we will have our hands full." With that he climbed into the cockpit.

The escorts were on time and off they went to complete the mission. Just after crossing the lines Jericho was getting ready to start his circles when Christian signaled danger behind. Jericho immediately turned to face the threat.

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He saw 2 Fokkers climbing to them but the Bristols were diving down to greet the threat. One fired a burst which sent one of them down in a spin. Jericho kept circling looking for another threat or a signal from Christian. Christian was swinging from one side to the next and Jericho did not really know what to do so he kept his circle tight and his eye's open. Completing one turn he saw a green Fokker on Dickens tail and he immediately went to him.

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He swung the Morane behind him and the green Fokker banked out of the way but went straight back to Dickens tail. Jericho repeated the move three time but each time the Fokker would bank out of the way of Christians fire. On the third time coming behind him the Fokker climbed up and put his wing over. Jericho thought for sure Greenie was going to come after He and Christian but then he banked and dove in front of them and what happened next surprised Jericho. The pilot looked back and up and gave him a salute! Jericho was so taken aback that he raised his hand to his forehead and saluted back. "Sonofabitch" He said to himself. With that the Fokker dove east and home.

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AS usual in these situations, one minute you are fighting for your life and the next you are alone. Jericho circled a few times and was soon joined by Dickens. They had not started the spotting yet but Christian was down to one drum and he was sure Dickens was short or out of rounds. He weighed the odds with no escorts and decided to call it a day.

The landed back at Bertangles and Jericho climbed out. "Can you give me a hand?" Christian asked. Jericho looked back at his gunner, "You ok?" he asked. Christian looked down. "Well it could have been worse I suppose, but the bugger nicked me in the calf! And these were a new pair of boots too!" Christian said. Jericho climbed back up giving his friend a hand out of the cockpit. "Let's go let the saw bones have a look at ya."

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