NO! Can we have just one Do-Over?

I just came in to check on how everyone was getting on....I'm in disbelief.

Bloody hell, so sorry Fullofit. What an understated way for Gaston to go. I really thought he was going to top the Bad Baron's score, and I was looking forwards to N.37 and N.124 being based at Cachy together next year.

Even in death, Gaston shall pass into legend as one of the DiD greats. Never again shall we see his like, who had topped pilots such as Guynemer and Voss within a half-year of flying. Truly, Le Violet was in a class of his own. He shall be very sorely missed.

...Adieu la vie, adieu l'amour,
Adieu toutes les femmes,
C'est bien fini, c'est pour toujours,
De cette guerre infâme...

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