Fullofit, It is amazing how a bit of sun can brighten the day!

Scout, I share your pain with the deep offensive patrols. It is nothing to look forward to.

Mark Anthony Jericho
Auchell Aerodrome

Last night Swany and Jericho had talked for a bit as both their claims had been rejected. "What do they want us to do? Bring back part of the g@d&mn Hun machine!" Jericho asked and stated in disgust.
"Well, we aren't in this for personal glory you know" replied Swany.
"I know that, but it sure would help if we could get a little recognition once in a while" Jericho said.
There was a long silence for a while until Jericho spoke up again. "You know, we should have joined the Navy. Those RNAS boys have some fine aeroplanes. You would think we could get a few. Why do you supposed they have the best machines Pard?" Jericho rattled off.
"Well for one, I have no idea. Two, you think too much." replied Swany.
"You have to admit, It sure would be nice to fly one of those scouts instead of these old cows we go up in everyday" Jericho said.
Swany did not answer and they both drifted off to sleep.

At 10 Jericho and Dickens were on their way to bomb Douai. The only thing that gave them comfort were the 3 Nieuports from Escadrille 15. It was another beautiful day with only a few clouds. Jericho, in the lead, kept a sharp eye out for the Huns. "I know d@#n well your here" he thought to himself as he shivered against the cold. As they approached the target the 3 Nieuports dove away. "I knew you would show up!" Jericho thought. He scanned the skies ahead and they were clear so he concentrated on dropping his eggs. Once they were gone he turned west to get back over the lines. Dickens did the same. As they formed up heading west Jericho looked back and saw an Eindecker climbing to get on the tail of Dickens. Jericho knew his gunner could not return fire and in an instant he turned the Morane around to meet the Hun. Before flying past him the Hun let loose a burst in their direction and Jericho heard the clang of bullets against the machine. "God I hope the engine is ok!" he thought. Turning again the Fokker had continued his pursuit of Dickens. With Dickens jinking about Jericho slowly caught up with them and gave Christian an open field of fire which he immediately took advantage of and let loose with a whole drum. The Hun pulled a retreat as fast as he could with the two Moranes shooting back at him. Jericho was so focused on the Hun chasing Dickens he was jolted out of his thoughts when Christian opened up again. Jericho did not wait and turned immediately and saw another Hun on their tail. At the same time he saw one of the Nieports dive in and take the Fokker out of the fight. Christian gave him the "all clear" signal and Jericho relaxed. Checking the sun against his compass he headed back to Auchell.

As Jericho and Christian were walking to fill out their AAR Jericho notices a hole in the shoulder of Christians coat. He stopped and put his finger through the whole. "You must be wearing a rabbit's foot Pard!" Jericho said. Christian looked at it and shook his head. "Too close mate."

As they approached the office the door opened and the sight of all sights appeared. There stood James in a fur coat! "Whao there Pard! I didn't know they had buffalo in France" Jericho exclaimed. In the next moment he was doubled over in laughter. Lt. Christian could not help himself and joined in. Laughing more at Jericho than the coat.well
James did a twirl that would do a dancer proud. "Well see if that laughter keeps you warm on your next hop old boy! And no, you cannot borrow it!" he said as he walked past smiling.
Jericho watched him as he walked on. "You know, he may have a point!" he said.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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