Lt. Mark Jericho
Brauy Aerodrome
March 28, 1916

It did not go as bad as Jericho thought with the Major. After looking at the small dent in the fender he said “could have been worse I suppose. I’m sure the mechanics can put her to rights. No harm done, eh”. Jericho was shellshocked. The Major added, “by the way, C Flight is on for the 1st show tomorrow. Bombing Haubourdin and as of yet it seems there will not be any escorts.” Jericho did not know wether to be happy the Major didn”t seem upset about the car or go plan his funeral!

It was cloudy and cold but visibility was good. They slowly climbed to altitude near Bethune. It took almost 30 minutes for the loaded Morane to climb out. With the wind buffeting the craft Jericho struggled to keep her from stalling each time they turned into the wind. Soon they turned east and were over the mud. “At least i’m not down in that crap” Jericho thought to himself. He kept scanning the sky for the dreaded Eindeckers. As they approached Haubourdin, Jericho concentrated on the bomb run and tried his best to stay in formation against the protesting Morane. The first Archie burst startled Jericho. “D#*n that was close” he said aloud! Griffin released his eggs and Jericho and Dickens did the same. They 3 Moranes turned in unison. Relieved of the extra weight the machine responded much better. Jericho always liked the feel of her once that weight was gone. The circled once to assess the damage and headed west. He was now on high alert as it seemed the Fokker’s always hit them on the way home. As they crossed the lines he relaxed a bit. 15 minutes later they were circling the field and Jericho was thinking of Breakfast. They had flattened 2 hangers and most likely damaged a machine or two. “C” Flight was given a hardy congratulations from the Major.

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