Lou, First blood and a new name to boot! Here is to a confirmation!

Scout, Oh how many times has that happened. Look away for a second and your flight has disappeared into a black hole. Congrats on completing the mission.

Fullofit, Finding the target can be tough!

Mark Jericho
Auchell aerodrome
Jan. 12, 1916

C Flight was scheduled for a bombing mission today. We were to hit Loos Junction a few miles over the lines. Jericho was back in top form and felt good. It was a beautiful day.

Shortly after takeoff Lt. Chambers, flight leader, signaled engine trouble and turned back. "What are we going to do now" Jericho thought. He question was soon answered when Alford signaled to form up on him and they headed to the target. Crossing the lines Jericho was surprised that there was no Archie. He had been told it could be a little troublesome but not to worry about it too much. He scanned the skies for any other machines. It was more difficult than he thought to stay in formation and scan at the same time but he was getting the hang of it. Looking down he saw a wood with a road going through it and realized they were getting close to the target. He swung in behind Alford as his plan was to drop his eggs when he did. No sooner had he done so he saw Alford's bombs release. He did the same and they both turned toward home.

The trip back was different. The Archie came up to meet them but as he had been told it was more of a show than anything else, mostly exploding behind and below them. Crossing over the lines Jericho realized how tense he was and relaxed. It was a good day.

Back at the field Auchell was buzzing. It seems his pard Swany and his observer had brought down a Hun! "Lucky rascal!" Jericho thought. At debrief Jericho and his observer, Capt. Whorton were told there mission was a rousing success causing heavy damage at the Railyard. "Excellent work!" they were told. As they left the building Whorton slapped Jericho on the back. "Good job Lt.!"

"Thank you Sir" Jericho replied as he went to find Swany to get the story on his Hun.

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