Lederhosen, glad you like the bombsight, I worked a long time on it getting it just right. And then Jara did his magic and got it fitted to all the planes in the WOFF hangar.

MFair, that was a close shave indeed for Jericho's G/O, he was very lucky. If Mark decides to go for one of those fur coats like Jim's maybe he and Swany can order at the same time and get a discount.

Scout, looks like Aleck and his flight had a successful bombing sortie at Rumbeke. Well done.

Fullofit, too bad Gaston and his wingman couldn't have caught up with those monoplanes, their N10s would have given them a sound thrashing.

Swany and the Captain enjoyed a nice, quiet outing this morning as B Flight did a recce of the lines east of Armentières. Low, fluffy clouds dotted the crisp winter sky as they passed over the town of Lozinghem, then followed the river Lys up to the front lines. Apart from a pair of disinterested Aviatiks that passed about 700' above them as they neared their objective there were no other planes seen in the air. 2nd Lt. Swanson was very glad for the break from the Eindecker attacks and is hopeful it may last a while. At mid-morning tea the CO announced that Swany and Daniel had been awarded their claim from yesterday. This makes four confirmed victories now for the young pilot, and he is more surprised than anyone by this news. Looks like more of his hard-earned money will be spent on drinks tonight in the mess.

A glorious morning for a quiet outing.
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