Dispatch from A.D.M.S Headquarters, Brielen Church, 3rd Division, 2nd Army.
To RFC-6, Abeele Airfield

Pleased to let you know that we have in our care Pilot 2nd-Lt Aleck MacKinley and Observer 2nd-Lt Christopher Bathurst. Both officers are alive and well, with the exception of minor injuries suffered in a landing accident adjacent to Brielen Church, NW of Ypres city outskirts. They wish us to report that the engine of their aircraft was destroyed in-flight as a result of internal explosion, and that a resulting engine fire was quickly blown out by diving of the machine. A landing was affected adjacent to our facility (HQ for Assistant Director of Medical Services) but collision with unseen telegraph wires upended the craft onto its nose with heavy damage. Pilot MacKinlay has a slight concussion and should remain here (until cleared for medically safe travel) for a few days. Observer Bathurst has bruised ribs but is prepared to return immediately to your command and requests a lorry be dispatch to retrieve himself and any salvageable portions of the aircraft.

Photos: Gliding towards Brielen Church after engine and prop blew up, Up-Ended by Telegraph lines
http://SimHQ.com/forum/tmp/13336.png http://SimHQ.com/forum/tmp/13337.png

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