Raine, those Fokkers are starting to get better. You boys better keep a good lookout. You’ve pained a vivid picture of the new base with extraordinary detail. Too bad about the hut, but I guess it’d served its purpose. I’m glad Jericho has a such a good friend.
Wulfe, congrats on being posted to the elite squad! Pushers again? Heh heh! Loved the scene in the RFC office and immediately disliked Turner.
Looks like you’ve already made yourself at home at No. 24. A victory on your first outing. Well done! Hawker better up his game. Congrats again, great set of stories and pictures.
Lou, you are a living proof that you don’t need a forward-firing gun to be a double Ace. What’s your secret? Do you fly backwards so that the gunner points forward, a la Fee?
And please, please tell Georgette it wasn’t her cooking that triggered the move.
MFair, once again the Fokkers show up at the least desirable moment. Not that there is a most desirable moment. Good thing the Bristol’s were around. Jericho can take care of himself though and it was a wise call to get back to base when low on ammo. Nice action pics!

30 March, 1916 8:05 - morning mission
Senard, Verdun Sector
Escadrille N37
Sous Lieutenant Gaston A. Voscadeaux
6 confirmed kills

The briefing called for a CAS mission over a troop camp south of St. Mihiel salient. Gaston was sitting in his newly painted Nieuport ready for take off watching the snowflakes fall on his nose when the air raid sirens started to blare. He quickly scanned the sky. A trio of Fokkers was approaching. What should he do? Jump out and run for cover, or take off and hope to get enough altitude before they get him? He decided to fight. With the throttle fully open he screamed into the air observing what the Fokkers would do. They all banked away from him. Gaston followed and that's when one of them peeled off. He had altitude advantage, just like the other two. Maybe he lost his nerve and hoped Gaston would go for the pair, while he slinks away unnoticed? That's exactly what Gaston had done. He let the single foe go as he had no chance of catching him any time soon and went after the two Eindeckers that stuck together. Was it a smart move? He would find out soon enough. The rest of his flight were taking off now. The two monoplanes were being molested by the Archie and easily visible against the gray sky. In the meantime the single Boche came down from above and attempted to attack Gaston from behind. He noticed the Hun at the last moment. Few maneuvers later and the Hun was falling uncontrollably to his death. Gaston tried to get his bearings and at the same time look for the pair of Fokkers. He knew they would attempt to run north, so that's where he aimed the nose of his Nieuport. Soon enough he found them still surrounded by Archie flying low above the Argonne Forest. He was closing in and the snow was no longer falling. One of the specks veered off to the side, leaving his lower flying mate on his own. Gaston let him go, knowing the one in front of him must be damaged and will be easier to catch. He watched him glide lower. But at that instant something told Voscadeaux to check his surroundings. The bloody Boche that veered off wasn't a coward, he was setting a trap and it nearly worked. Thanks to his Nieuport's superior maneuverability he was able to avoid the German flyer. But his nerves were frazzled and once he turned the tables and sat on the monoplane's tail, he started to spray the ammunition. He saw this was doing no harm to the Hun. He had to calm down. Gaston took a deep breath and closed the distance to his target. He took his time to line up the sights this time. It worked! The Boche machine was being hit and with the final burst the German pilot slumped in his cockpit and his Fokker took a nose dive into the field below. Gaston returned to the aerodrome. His companions were already waiting for him. The CAS mission will have to wait for another time. Gaston made two claims.

"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."