Nigel Archibald Notting
Sgt, RFC
4 Sqn Rfc.
Allonville, Flanders

Jan 30, 1916.

More bombs came up so off our 2 a/c we went to attack an enemy AF. Over enemy airspace we spotted 2 Monoplane scouts coming up. They were too low to stop our bombardment. My bombs hit wide and Exploded in the Trees. Lt. Kings hit the edge of the flying field. By then 1 of the Monoplanes was on Wally's tail so I turned and had a go. My gunner fire off 14 rds at the e/a as we passed under. No good. As I stared to come back around, Wally's machine broke in to flames leaving a black skid mark in the clean blue sky. I pointed for home and nosed down for speed and soon I was doing over 100 miles an hour and clear of the forward firing enemy aeroplanes.

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