Before I get on with my yarn today I would just like to thank Raine for putting this rodeo on and Lou for adding a bit of realism to it. This is just too much fun! Thanks Amigo's

Lt. Mark Jericho
Bertangles Aerodrome
April 4, 1916

Swany gave a wonderful lesson in flying the Morane yesterday. Jericho had to marvel at the pilots skill. "Shoot!" exclaimed Jericho, "If that ain't the finest demonstration of flying I'll eat crow." It was even more intertaining watching the poor Captain trying to stand up once they were back on the ground.

"C" Flight was off at 430 hundred for an Arty spotting mission southwest of Bapaume. "God it's dark" Jericho thought as they sat on the field waiting for Captain Griffen to take off. As soon as he did Jericho was right behind him trying to keep him in sight. He had flown a night mission in training but it was a moon lite night. This was different. As they started to circle for altitude Jericho looked around to see if he could get his bearings and when he looked back his flight had disappeared! He stayed in his circle searching frantically and finally spotted Griffen below him. He sighed with relief. By the time they reached the lines Jericho was exhausted from the concentration to keep formation in the dark. "Well maybe the Huns can't see us as I d@#n well can't see them. Just as the horizon was starting to light up Griffen popped the white flare to head home which Jericho thought was ok with him. Then his engine started to falter. He thought about only briefly and set down at Bellevue. While the mechanics were looking over his Morane Jericho had struck up a conversation with one of the pilots there that told him a sad story. The top brass were desperate to come up with a method of ground communication. It seems some office type, that more than likely had never even been in aeroplane came up with the idea of attaching a note to a cable that was stretched between 2 poles 20' apart. The idea was that the observer was to drop a line and hook grabbing the cable and reeling it in with the note. "That don't sound very wise." commented Jericho as the other airman went on. No. 11 squadron, flying Fee's was to try out the experiment and a crew volunteered. The crew came in low and good and the observer hooked the cable with no problem. The next thing that happened was the cable whipped up into the prop and cut off the tail boom killing the crew. "2 top chaps too I hear" the airman added.

Jericho landed back at Bertangles mid morning and the first thing he sees is this Morane with lightning bolts and "Oden" painted on the fuselage below the pilot. "Well I'll be d@#ned Christian. Look at ol' Swany's bus" Christian shot back "he must have liked your little joke at his expense the other night." Jericho shot back, "Oh no! he did'd appreciate it one da@n bit! Told me so himself when he tipped over my cot while I was dead to the world. Naw, he's just having a little fun, besides, looks pretty darn good if you ask me."

Note: The experiment with the cable actually happened in Frederick Libby's 11Squadron.

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