Lou, a very touching story. Swany will be a man to be reckoned with for sure.

Wulfe, excellent story! I hope your kid brother knows what he’s getting into. But, we both know he does not.

Drogo Dorn
Sept. 9, 1916

Kette Zwei took off at 9 to escort 2 Rolands while they attacked an army base SW of Verdun. Over the target Dorn and the other 2 circled over the area as the Rolands went back and forth over the base. “Those machines sure can fly” Dorn thought as he watched them. “Why in hell are we escorting them!” The Rolands soon climbed up and headed north. Dorn was happy to be getting away from Verdun.

Back at base the 3 pilots were in a somber mood. Kette Eins was an hour over due for return. They soon learned that they had tangled with some Nieuports north of Verdun. Mayer was wounded and Jahnsen was killed. The 3 pilots looked at each other. They were all that was left of Jasta 7.

Dorn caught Mock by himself. “I need to tell you something.” Mock sat his drink down, “what’s on your mind Drogo?” Dorn looked at the floor for a few seconds and then looked Mock in the eye. “Yesterday in that scrap with the French......Well......I almost ran out on you” he said.

Mock picked up his drink and took a sip, starring into the amber liquid. “The key word here is “almost”. The fact is you didn’t.” He put his arm on Dorns shoulder. “You saved my life yesterday my friend. And, I know you will do it again if the circumstances warrant it.” With that Mock threw his arm up. “To much death and sadness for one day my friend. Here is to our health” he said as as he raised his glass.

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