Nigel Archibald Notting
Sgt, RFC
4 Sqn Rfc.
Allonville, Flanders

1 Feb 1916.

Went up with 2 a/c to bomb the front lines and met the Hun Monoplanes with forward firing gun. Blimey , we never had a chance. The e/a dropped out of the sun so we never saw them til they opened up on us. I did the best I could Bobing and weaving about the sky. My gunner got off 2 drums full of 303 's and damaged one e/a . He turned away with smoke, Not Confirmed , But we had holes in the elevator and wings and gas leaking out. Ended up being forced down with Infantry amid Shell fire. I found my gunner to be badly wnd. and He stated that he saw our other ship go down with 2 e/a on his tail. Score: 2 Be's lost for 1 unconfirmed damaged.

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