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What?! Konrad felt a little sorry for Strunze? Where is the villain I know? The real von B would have told him to shut up and be careful not to wet his bed!
Congrats on the victory and promotion to boot. Soon Strunze will be flying the inferior planes.

Thanks Fullofit. Believe it or not, that's my first victory in any of the three campaigns I've flown in. It has literally taken me years to get even somewhat accomplished with this sim. I do play with full on difficulty and no aids, and that's my only excuse! As for Von B., everyone has their soft side smile


..."I took the Stutter Challenge....AND WON!!!"

...”My PC’s been banned... for taking PEDs!!!”

...”The stutters only happen on Wednesdays when it’s cloudy. The rest of the time we’ll be just fine!!!”