Maeran, Don't worry about quantity, quality is what counts and your yarns have plenty of that.
You damage the rail yard, you knock down a Hun but Nooooo, you just have to take one more crack at it! If you make it back leave well enough alone. You will live longer. We wait on pins and needles.
Raine, congratulations on another victory. Very touching story with the dinner!
Wulfe, what can I say, your story is turning into one of the best books I have read.
Lou, Very touching my friend.

Lt. Mark Jericho
Bruay Aerodrome

Another washout. Jericho lay in his bunk sipping on his 3rd cup of coffee. His thoughts were going over the night before. It had been one fine time with some fine folks. And the food! He thought surely he would founder after eating so much. The only thing that threw a blanket over the good time was he nearly wrecked the Majors car and he was not exactly on the Majors good side. It was a small dent but a dent non the less. As his father had always taught him, "If you borrow something, return it in the same shape you got it." Jim's former landlords were 1st class people. The only difference he could tell between them and the folks back home was the accent. Padre seemed a good sort too and it did his heart good to see so many children who had suffered because of the war have a bit of sunshine in their life. He snickered to himself as he remembered coming around the curve in the Majors car and seeing a team of horses right in his path! He missed them ok but over controlled coming back and the Crossley must have done 3 complete circles before going into a snow bank on the opposite side of the road. It was a good thing Swany and Jim arrived when they did and took charge as the Army folks would have pulled the Majors car to pieces getting it out if it were not for their supervision. It took a while but it finally came out without any damage except for the dent in the fender. Jericho laughed even harder when he thought of Swany telling him "Yer not driving anymore tonight" while pulling him out of the seat. It had been such a bad experience for Jericho that he even took a bit from Jim's flask. He regretted it as so as it hit his throat.

After he had downed the last of the coffee he pulled on his coat and went to leave as Swany came walking up. "Where you been?" Jericho asked. Swany replied "Took a run in the woods to clear my head." Jericho shook his head "Whatever blows your skirt up Pard. I'm off to see the Major and see how much my little bump to his car is going to cost. Wish me luck, I may need it."

This is a bit off topic gents but with all the talk of horses and such I thought I may introduce you to Cappy. I got him when he was 8. He is 24 now. His papered name was Rambo but I ain't having a horse named Rambo. My daughter named him Captain Jack so we call him Cappy. A few years back while I was working with him she was taking pictures. This shot tells it all I believe. You don't get to bond with a horse like this very often. He is special.
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