Mark Jericho
Auchell Aerodrome
Jan. 17, 1910

It had been a wonderful time the last few days. The weather had been good and patrols had been up every day. Jericho had done two bombing mission, one to Vimy Junction and another at the front lines West of Lille. Both missions had resulted in heavy damage to the targets and C Flight had been given hardy congratulations by the CO. The Arty spotting mission all the way down to Fricourt had gone well also..His and Swany's pal from training had joined their squadron and it was like old times with the three of them together again. Besides, James was the only one that seemed to have any money should they get the chance to go into town.

"I sure wish I could get a chance to knock off a Hun" Jericho said as he cleaned his 45 Colt.

James looked up from his letter writing and looked astounded at Jericho's statement, "Did you ever stop to think how many you killed dropping those bombs, or how many met their demise when you and Whorton directed all that artillery on to their positions! I wager you have already killed hundreds if not thousands".

Jericho looked up stone faced, "I never thought of that Pard" then went back to cleaning the 45. James rolled his eyes in amusement at his hut mate.

Swany looked up from his book as Jericho was sliding the 45 back into it's oiled leather holster and asked, "you ever use that on anyone while out in the wild west".

Jericho got up and hung the pistol on his makeshift coat rack. As he turned to walk out of their hut he said, "No, not out west."

Swany and James looked at one another in bewilderment. "What do you think about that Swany?" Jim asked.

"I don't know James. Looked like I may have struck a nerve. You know, anytime we ask about his past he always has the same answer, circumstances."

James added, "well don't ask him any more. He was just starting to open up a bit."

James went back to writing his letter and Swany went back to his book.

Jericho was outside looking at the clear night thinking of home.

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