Aleck A. MacKinlay
April 7, 1916

"Two pilots dead and two machines lost. Where the hell where you?" The Major was livid.

"We stayed behind to circle at the rendezvous point. We hadn't met up with the Fee yet!" I should have realized that we had missed our rendezvous with the bomber and followed A-flight on towards Harbourdin".

"Well Yule made the right call when he pressed onto the airfield. You should have followed!" I looked at the floor and nodded.

"I decided to go back in case the bomber was waiting for us to arrive ... and we did meet up with a Fee! We followed him north for quite some time before realizing it was not the right aircraft."

The major calmed down a bit. "I see, just a case of mistaken identity then. Well let's hope you have better luck making these rendezvous in the future. That's twice you have failed to link up! I'll expect better of you MacKinlay."

I felt terrible. "Yes Sir, sorry Sir. I will speak to the other pilots and get some assistance with the join up procedures". (Help? Tips?)

ADDENDUM: April 8 and 9, relegated to follower on both flights. I think the Major has lost confidence in me. Griffith and O'Keefe shot down two aircraft on the patrol yesterday, yet somehow our B-flight saw nothing. What a string of bad luck.

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