Lt. Mark Jericho
April 13, 1916

Jericho and Camille left the restaurant late in the evening. He had learned that Camille's husband had been killed in 1914 when the fighting started. She had no family and was supporting herself in the only way she could. They had a wonderful time walking the streets of Amiens but it was getting very late. Jericho walked her to where she was staying and when he started to leave she took his arm and started to pull him into into the room. He stopped and raised his hand saying, "you don't owe me anything ma'am." She smiled back and said "money, no" and pulled at his arm again. How could he say no!

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April 15, 1916
Jericho sat in the predawn light listing to the Morane engine and feeling the chill of the wind. They were off to bomb the front lines southwest of Monchy. Before takeoff Christian had told him, "you had best forget about that woman for a while mate! If you don't, you may not ever see her again." Jericho looked at Christian and said, "that woman has a name and it's Camille." Christian had no idea why Jericho was smitten with the girl but he was so that was that.

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