Fullofit, Keeping the Huns on their toes still. Nice bit about meeting Fullard!

Raine, Congratulations on the promotion and bling.

Wulfe, That was a real tragedy! I hope Fullard can put it behind him and stay focused.

Harry, Good to see you in the skies! That was a close one. Nice story!

Carrick, Rescue at last!

Lt. Mark Jericho
June 4th. 1916

"Major Harvey?" asked the voice over the phone.
"Yes" came the reply through the receiver.
"Major, this is Lt. Gamble at Bellevue. We have two of your chaps here with us."
"That would be one of C Flight, who is it and what is their status?" the Major demanded.
The Lt. continued, "A Lt. Jericho and Gomm. They are a bit banged up but should be alright Sir"
Major Harvey was growing impatient. "Specifics Lt.! Exactly what does "banged up" mean and what is the status of their machine damit!"
The Lt. gathered himself at the Majors outburst and replied. "Lt. Jericho has a bad gash on the head. He can travel. Lt. Gomm has been shot through the shoulder. He is on his way to hospital at the moment Sir!"
There was a short silence and then the Major yelled, "And the bloody Morane Lt.! What condition is their machine in if you may!"
"Yes Sir! Sorry Sir! It is shot up a bit but should be flyable Sir." the Lt. replied.
The Major gave a quick response. "I will have transportation for Lt. Jericho and a pilot to shuttle the Morane back here by noon." and hung up.

Just before noon a Lorry came to pick up Jericho. He was greeted by his friend, Capt. Richards. Richards had been wounded in the arm the day before when C Flight was attacked by 3 Fokkers. In that fight Jericho had his hands full and landed with a machine full of holes, some of which passed directly between he and Gomm. "Thought I might come and make sure you make it back safe ol boy. I like your new cap!" he said pointing at the bandage around Jericho's head.
"Thanks Capt." Jericho said as Richards helped him into the back of the Lorry. It was a bumpy ride back to the base which did Jericho's headache no good. Along the way Jericho told Richards of what happened. "Over the patrol area a lone Fokker came at us but he hesitated and then stayed below us circling. I thought he might have been scared and would be easy so I made to dive on him and give Gomm a shot. When I did he made his move. As I glance around to make sure Gomm had a shot the Hun hit us with a damned accurate burst. I thought I was hit in the head with a hammer! I was in a bit of shock and it took me a while to gather my wits! Windscreen shot through, my map in taters, so much blood in my eyes I could barely see and the only way to stay level was to hold the stick full forward. I heard Gomm open up one more time and the Hun turned back. Good thing he did because we were gonners. We landed at Bellevue using mixture and blipping It was a close run thing Capt."
Richards replied, "You've had a rough few days my friend. Did the field Medic say how long you would be out?"
"Oh, 3 to 5 days I think. Really not sure." Jericho replied.

That night Jericho woke up in a cold sweat breathing heavily. He raised up in his cot and wiped his face accidently touching the wound above his eye which made him jump. Richards looked over at him. "You were having a bad dream" he said. "No sh#t" was Jericho's reply then he continued, "That Fokker we brought down the other day in flames, my 4th?"
"Yes" replied Richards "What about it?"
"That pilot was swatting at those flames like he was fighting bees. Almost like the boy I lost the other day." Jericho paused then added. In the last two days I've seen 2 go down in flames. In between me and Gomm barely just get back having the machine shot up everywhere but where we sit and today almost go west with one burst! Too damned close Captain. Too damned close" Jericho said looking into the dim light. He started up again. "What was that observers name that got killed a few weeks back? "Mckellar! That's it. Did you know his brother was killed in that uprising against Britain in Ireland a few months back and now he's gone fighting for Britain. Just don't make sense!”
Jericho was starting to ramble now so Richards sat up in his cot. "You got to get a hold of yourself mate. War, Life, neither make sense sometimes. You just have to go with it. Take what comes as they say."
Jericho lay back in his cot. "I suppose so."

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