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Lt. Mark Jericho
May 20, 1916.
Lahoussoy Aerodrome

As Jericho walked to his Morane his mind was wandering. Swany was gone and now James had left. He did not even get to tell him good by. Would James ever get word to his mother about his whereabouts? How would he get word back if he did? His left arm still ached from the fall from his horse. Two weeks ago he had taken Moon to Amiens to see Camille.With all the traffic on the roads Jericho figured he could make better time on Moon. He was right. As the Lorries and troops plodded along the roads he breezed past them on the swift gelding. The two days with Camille were wonderful. She had taken a job in a hotel as a maid. It was not much but with what Jericho could spare she was doing alright. She had learned enough English for them to communicate well. That was good for Jericho still only knew a few words of French. As far as Jericho was concerned, she did not need to talk. Her eyes said all he needed to know.

On the way back to the aerodrome Moon stumbled and Jericho had gone arse over tea kettle onto the ground fracturing his left arm. That did not sit well with the Major as it put Jericho on light duty for almost two weeks. This was his first flight since the fall and they were tasked with bombing Bertincourt. His observer/gunner, Barrus, asked "You feel up to it Lt.?" Jericho answered, "Hell no I don't feel up to it but whats our choice?" With that they climbed into the Morane. As they bounced down the runway Jericho pulled back on the stick and barely cleared the trees. Things just did not feel right. He shook his head to clear the cob webs. He was flight leader and had a job to do. They climbed out and met the 3 Nieport scouts that were to be their escorts and started climbing east to Bertincourt. As they were approaching the target Jericho looked up just in time to see 3 Fokker's come out of the clouds diving on them head on. He immediately dropped his bombs and turned west. As soon as he did he realized his mistake. The three Nieports pounced on the Eindeckers and had them by the tail in no time. "That's the most hair brain thing you have done in a long time Pard!" he said to himself. What could they do now? Go over and spit on them? His flight was right there and had dropped their bombs also. It was a long flight back to the aerodrome. When he reported to the Major at debrief on what had happened the Major just shook his head in disgust. "I know I messed up Major. I didn't think. Forgot all about the escorts being there. It won't happen again Sir!" Jericho said timidly, which surprised him as he had never been timid about anything in his life. The Major looked up at Jericho. "When you are flight leader, the flight and the mission is your responsibility Lt. If you don't think then at best the mission is a dud. At worst, my pilots could be killed. Do you understand." Jericho had been flying combat for almost 4 months and the Majors dressing down filled him with anger as this was the first real mistake he had made in the air. Any sense of guilt over his mistake was gone. He straightened up and looked the Major in the eye. "I said it would not happen again Sir" Jericho answered. The Major stared him back. "Good, because your afternoon flight is back to Bertincourt! It's important!"

At 1500 hours they were back over Bertincourt. Jericho's flight left it burning.

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