Wulfe, that is an excellent skin. My complements to Souris. Looks like someone is getting ready for the Medal of Honor and how is it that Fullard bends a wing and gets a new, even better plane, while Voscadeaux has to patch his for the umpteenth time? I know, I know. Iconic aircraft. That was one lucky Hun by the way. Should keep James’ conscience clear.

Eek! Walfisch are in the area! Be careful with those. These things are better than anything else in the air. That stinger in the tail is something else, but I don’t have to tell you. What a shame about your new shiny Nieup. Thierry and Souris will have their hands full. By the way, you are at Toul - Gaston’s old stomping grounds from the Caudron era.

Wonderful storytelling!

2 May, 1916 05:05 morning mission
Senard, Verdun Sector
Escadrille N37
Capitaine Gaston A. Voscadeaux
23 confirmed kills
Awaiting 1 claim confirmation

Voscadeaux watched Adjutant Delbee carry out his attack. He was getting too close to the Aviatik. Gaston yelled: “- Stop! Don’t do it. Don't be greedy. That Boche is not worth your life!”
He watched in slow motion as his wingman rammed into the German plane.
“- ...pitaine Voscadeaux. Capitaine Voscadeaux. Réveillez-Vous! Elle est prête. She is ready, Capitaine!"
Gaston was being shaken awake by one of the mechanics. He looked around dazed and realized he must have fallen asleep in the corner of the hangar late last night helping the riggers with Violette. He reeked of dope and stale wine. Mostly dope. His throat was dry. The Ack-Emmas worked all night to fix Violette's wing and did their best. It was all ready in the morning, except there was no time to paint it. Violette looked like a Frankenstein's monster.

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This morning they’ve been tasked to patrol friendly lines north of Verdun. The visibility wasn’t the greatest but a solitary Aviatik was unlucky enough to cross their path and be on the receiving end of a warm welcome. As soon as Gaston gave the signal Boillot’s and Garrigou’s collided with each other but both made it back to base. Voscadeaux was left with de Geuser who attacked the two-seater singlehandedly while Gaston looked on. It was by now a familiar story. De Geuser had spent all of his ammo but not made much damage. Gaston was next to attack. Something was wrong. His shots went all over the sky, despite Violette coming very close to the Boche. The Aviatik continued to float towards the ground and finally crashed behind enemy lines south, of the observation balloon. Gaston watched the stricken bomber sink into the mud as the nearby Flak battery attempted to chase him away. Once at the aerodrome, Gaston found out it was a loose mounting on the machine gun’s base that was the culprit for his terrible aim.

2 May, 1916 13:05 afternoon mission
Senard, Verdun Sector
Escadrille N37
Capitaine Gaston A. Voscadeaux
23 confirmed kills
Awaiting 2 claim confirmations

It was windy and the heavy, dark clouds hung low over the landscape. Gaston volunteered for a lone wolf mission. He was reluctantly allowed to patrol over a relatively safe area over Verdun aerodrome. As he struggled to get up to altitude, Voscadeaux noticed two Aviatiks overflying the city. He followed them while still gaining altitude. He was nearly at their level when out of nowhere two Nieuports jumped and shot up the Huns, then left. The Boche machines continued on and Gaston could have his pick which machine to engage. He went after the one that looked more wounded. While making his initial pass Gaston stalled Violette in a bank and had to scramble to regain control. The Boche gunner took advantage of the situation and was able to place a few rounds into the violet scout. Gaston was undeterred and continued with his attack. He was rewarded with one Boche machine with severed control lines. The Aviatik could only fly in circles. Add to that a pinkish hued vapor emanating from his engine and now the German machine could only spiral down. Gaston didn't stick around to see how that ended. He noticed the other Aviatik running for home. He quickly went after the Hun, but lost him in the clouds. It was also then that Violette refused to go any further. The engine lost power and was running on low revs. It was time to get the poor girl down. Gaston found a piece of road and set his sick plane down.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."