30th November, 1914

"What do you mean there's no rum on board?" Drummond asked of the sailor he'd collared for interrogation. "I thought you seafaring types never left port without it?"
The sailor grimaced and Drummond rather wished he hadn't, yellow teeth caught the light of the setting sun. His weather beaten face creased like old canvas. "Requisitioned, the whole country's sugar crop is on its' way to France"
"Well blast it all! I'd have to pick the one tub that wasn't carrying any of it and no rum besides!" Drummond exclaimed.
"Steady on now mate, we've a long journey ahead and getting excited won't make it pass any quicker."
"Nevermind, I'm heading that way anyway. Perhaps I'll catch up with some of it."
"Well be sure and remember the crew of the Omrah if you do." Said the sailor with a wry smile, which fortunately was a step down from his previous grimace and hid most of the sins of his inadequate dentistry.
"No fear sport, I'll send you a bottle or ten for letting me on board without asking too many questions!"


Drummond never cared for the idea of going there but it seemed to be a better option than wasting away at the pleasure of His Majesty in some prison or other. In planning his escape from the mundane Drummond had left himself a cache of supplies and all of his life's savings in an old tree stump outside of town, the horse he'd stolen had got him most of the way into Brisbane before he sold it to a farmer who was similarly inclined to a lack of inquisitiveness that the sailors of the Omrah had shown when he paid for his passage to the bosun who'd showed him his berth and signed him on as a "stores clerk". The one funnelled tramp steamer that Drummond has selected was called the "Omrah" and now he, several AEF troops, the crew of the Omrah and the ship's cat were all on their way to France. Drummond had no idea what he would do when he got there, providence would have to take care of that.
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Note, the Omrah took the first Australian troops to WW1 in 1914.

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