Nigel Archibald Notting
Sgt, RFC
4 Sqn Rfc.
Allonville, Flanders

Feb 14, 1916. Ended up in a Cow pasture after the Motor went U/S shortly after take off.

Feb 18, 1916. Deep AF bombardment mission to Betincourt. Our 2 machines dropped 8 bombs 1 hit close hard to see in heavy cloud layer above 3000 ft. The other hit in the woods short of target. There seem to be a lot of e/a in general area. My concern was a 1 e/a 2 seat Aviatik ? that came near, But no contact developed so nose down and kept the speed up to 110 mph heading home.
No damage both a/c OK. Late Breakfast was Bully Beef , Bread , Jam and 1 tablespoon of Rum.

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