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Wulfe, another stellar episode in Fullard's saga, those balloon attacks are always a nail-biter. Thoroughly enjoying the descriptions of everyday life in the Escadrille Americaine.

Lederhosen, Willi is moving up. A promotion and his own jasta to command - outstanding.

MFair, not sure about that "sweet life" Swany is living. He's been wounded three times at this point and is still dealing with the headaches from his concussion and continues to work on getting full strength back in his left leg. But he is on the green side of the sod at this point so I guess life is fairly sweet for him.


Lou, I was referring to the jams, jellies and other sweets Swany has been consuming. Or I may need to go back and re read. Maybe the multiple concussions this child has had are coming home to roost! Where are my keys?

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